DJ Chong Wizard – Good Look Vol 4

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Fresh off the near classic Kung Fu Hussle double CD Chong Wizard is back to reek havoc on the mixtape masses. If you’re new to this mixtape series it’s def time to get familiar with it and if you’re a fan of the series you are def in for a proper listen. He never ceases to amaze with all the “platinum hosts” he has on his projects. As if you didn’t know, Canada is in the building. The land were a pack of cigarettes cost $9 a pack and the drinking age is lower than low.

Besides the opening track of “Mr. Me Too”, which is pure audio methamphetamine, “Bed Rock” by Camp Lo is the shit. Dudes got the same flow from Luccini but it works; especially with that hook. For some reason I never was really diggin’ Styles P on “My Favorite Drug” but Chong Wizard made it work with the surrounding tracks. Like I said in the Kayslay review, Busta rhymes got some shit coming on The Big Bang. I don’t know if “Ping” is on it but the flow is spastic and raw like old Busta Buss. “Haterville” was on rewind people. GLC truly got skills, catchy hook and lyrics that ring true. Phoenix Jones pops up with “PDA” and I never get sick of this track. The way the words bounce of the piano loop hit you like some her-ron touching your vein for the first time. On some true mixtape shit you gotta peep the “Bumpin My Music” blend, Biggie on the hook breaking up some H-Town trunk poppin swagger. Personally I can’t fuck with the “Look Of It” remix, the original beat is just too catchy.

I’m gonna tell you what separates Chong Wizard from alot of other mixtape DJs. It’s not the blends or remixes, it’s not the mixing….it’s song selection and placement. I have yet to see a DJ hit all regions on a mixtape so smoothly. It could be luck but luck isn’t consistent so you got to say his ear for music is advanced on some Star Track shit. (makes V with hand) “Live long and prosper”. Naw seriously, Chong Wizard actually pays attention to tempos, keys, all the small stuff and puts his mixtapes together like a puzzle. You’ve heard of the Divinci Code well I just cracked the Chong Wizard Code people.