DJ Chong Wizard – Hells Kitchen

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You may think Chong Wizard is up in Canada getting his smoke on coming up with crazy mixtape blend concepts but truth be told he’s up there licking the backs of toads and frogs trippin’ his ass off. I don’t lie; dude is on a whole other level with it. I give him all the credit in the world too. It’s one thing to make a blend mixtape and be open to every accapella and instrumental but to say I’m gonna only fuck with these two artists and these two albums; their vocals and beats. That’s putting yourself in a serious box. You’re bound to those musical constraints and I’m sure it can be frustrating as hell sometimes…makes you want to punch babies and shit when the creativity hits a wall. Hence the title “Hell’s Kitchen” which has a double meaning.

So we got Mobb Deeps “Hell On Earth” versus Raekwons “Only Built For Cuban Links”. Honestly I was more of a “Infamous” and “Murder Muzik” Mobb fiend but “Hell On Earth” does what it does. Now “OBFCL” is a given for me. I have multiple copies of the purple tape stashed around my house and car like they were ice picks.

Prodigy sounds more than thorough on “Infamous Knuckleheadz”. One of the most slept on, raw Wu beats of all time and Chong Wizard cuts up the hook to perfection. Dead ass real tho, Das Efx doesn’t sound right over Wu production. “Microphone Knowledge” is cool and all but the “miggity, diggity” shit from Das doesn’t work for me. The one MC who sounds really really dope over Wu beats is Big Noyd. When his verse drops over “Criminology” I was ready to go to war. I can say the same for “Incarcerated Prodigy” and “All so simple Then” as well. I think you can blend any song with the beat from “Ice Cream”, it’s just classic. 50 Cent sounds good as hell on it. You could put “Chocolate Rain” over that beat and cats would nod their head. My favorite blend on the M.O.B.B side was “Hells Kitchen”. This is where the flow and tone came together; shit had me wanting to go back to those “sniffin’ coke, getting right.” days.

On the Raekwon side of things, “Drop A Blend On Em” knocks like free strap on dildos in a lesbian bar. That beat has one of the best piano loops of all time. On the flip side tho, “Drug Sport” is kind of boring to me; not a fan of that beat at all. The hook Chong made was dope regardless. “Coke Vultures” lagged a little too. I know Chong had to slow that beat down to mesh with the verse but damn, that shit was slow. Redemption is sweet on “Gold, Oil, & Drugs Pt. III”. This is the slow flow I can fuck with. Rae’s vocals were a perfect fit for that joint.

This is def one of the best mixtapes out in the last month easy. I don’t like it as much as American Ironman tho. I give Chong credit, as he’s one of a handful of DJs to keep pushing the creativity to new heights when most have all but abandoned the craft. Mobb Deep def shinned brighter then Rae on here, most likely to the lack of Rae acc’s, but still it’s important to hear the differences in styles and sound from back when these two albums dropped compared to today’s music when most MCs all sound the same.