DJ Chuck T & DJ Set It Off – Down South Slangin’ Blends 3

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Do you hear that? That’s Chuck T being relatively quiet as of late…where is Mr. Publicity at these days? You know I’m late to the party on this release but lets be honest with ourselves…blends are few and far between these days. I’m starting to go back to the top of the year to the projects I either passed on reviewing for whatever reason or just missed all together. For the non believers, yes Chuck T can blend and for those that still don’t know about Set It Off he can blend his ass off too.

Most cats know how I feel about Wayne (wait to you hear this interview cats did with him…ahhh man what an asshole). Anyway…”How You Like Me Now” is crazy as cat shit with the energy and Wayne actual sounding proper to me on this too. I can same the same for the “9mm” blend. That beat is moving more birds than cold weather…I had to rewind that shit. The best part of this here project is from the “Art of Storytelling” blend all the way thru the Busta and T.I. “Hurt” blend. Cats is flipping beats like flap jacks at your local IHOP. That “Haterz” blend is riot inciting at the least…mad elbows swinging on that shit. On the low I’m a closet Shawty Lo fan…”Dey Know” isn’t even his best shit but the blend was cool. Not a big fan of Rocko but when the last two beats hit on “Umma Do Me” I was open looking for fat bitch to slap. Not to dwell on Lil Wayne but I’d be an asshole if I didn’t highlight another blend with him….”Screwed Up” got that classic mixing man…Set It Off killin’ em with this shit. Same for the skills between “D Boy” and “The Boss Remix”….I love that Flashing Lights beat man. My favorite shit tho is Yola Da Great over the Lollipop beat…haven’t heard too many DJs fuck with that acapella at all.

If you’re looking for some Down South, trap house theme music this is it right here. I was on the fence rating wise, shit had its moments where I was like this shit is “bangin” and some others where I was reaching for the FF button. Your standard peaks and valleys as with most mixtapes. I do know Chuck T and Set It Off did their thing regardless. The shit that stands out to me tho is the ability to take a fairly know joint and flip it with the beat of a wack ass song case in point “Rocko – Umma Do Me b/w Grafiti Boyz – Ride Swerve”…DJs take note.