DJ Chuck T – DSS Class of 2K6 Georgia Edition – Block Chemistry 101

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Ya’ll didn’t think I wasn’t gonna let a monumental mixtape series slide through without a review did you? Plus I’m on my south game like no other, I’m studying, learning and soaking up everything I can. Plus plus on some real shit, Slick Pulla is one of favorite new artist out right now so I had to add this to the collection. Props to Chuck T for putting this together, I’m gonna get my hands on the Texas version of the series some how too so be looking for that review.

“Gangsta Shit” is cool Slick Pulla and Blood Raw def outshined Jeezy on this though, makes ya think hmmmm. I fuck with CTE though no question. The first track that got me open was “Weight Man” by Kantrell and Young Capone. This track is crazy as cat shit, had me feeling good while I was ridin’ slow. The slept on group of the year hands down is Da Backwudz. I heard their album and it’s street certified and then some with a little different southern vibe to it. The hook for “Stackin” annoys the shit outta me, I don’t know why, the rhyme is cool I can dig Trillville but that hook man. Bumpin’ up the BPM’s is the S.E.G.A Boyz with “Don’t Make Me Snap”, now I can def fuck with this on the highway. Ya’ll gotta have that blance between the slow trap music and some highway wrap ya chevy ’round a telephone pole music. If you ain’t heard “Birds Fly” by Slick Pulla well you aint up on shit. The artist that really made an impression on me from this CD is Young Capone. “What It Iz” is catchy like the clap from two crack head bitches, he’s doing his thing no question. The hardest track on the whole CD is “G” by Roam Bad Daddy, cot damn he sounds like he’ll fuck you up for looking sideways and the hook is potent on some elbow in the mouth type shit.

From the sound of this here CD Georgia and the south for that matter ain’t going no where anytime soon. Blood Raw got that album coming soon, cop that. Slick Pulla dropping Trapublican early 2007, cop that. New S.E.G.A Boyz mixtape coming soon, and def be on the look out for more of Young Capone. I don’t think I’ve ever thanked a DJ for dropping a CD, but thanks Chuck for putting this out and showing these other DJs they need to put their money where there mouth is and support the artist on the come up.