DJ Chuck T – DSS Class of 2K6 Texas Edition – Street Hustlenomics

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You think I forgot about this series? Hell NO! I’ve been bumpin’ this for weeks now, studying this shit like the professor of mixtape-ology that I am. I’m fucking with Texas like that, the chopped hooks is hip hop man, I love that shit. I heard some critics talking like that shit was played out, fuck outta here, go listen to your emo rap.

Trae comes off like a true killa, I can’t front he sounds like a scary dude and “In The Hood” is a anthem and a hit. If you’re a fan of Texas and you don’t know about Spark Dawg then your not really a fan of Texas. “Hit Me On My Sidekick (Pt.2)” is extra catchy. I don’t care who you are, one listen and its stuck in your head for the rest of the night. I heard King Mello’s “The Truth” before, he aight but that shit don’t really stand out to me. Man Kiotti is killing me right now, “New & Improved” is some true mixtape shit. He said; “white chics love a ni99a like Swazey” hahaha. Kiotti is slick with the words people, lyrics to rival any eastcoast MC hands down. My favorite joint was Trae and Z-Ro on “I Don’t Need”. Rapid flow, witty lyrics, beats laid back and I had to rewind this a few times; what more do you want in a song? The sleeper MC of the CD is Rasaq. He murdered “Nayumsayn”, the flow was liquid.

Chuck stays down south slangin’. I’d rather hear new shit from who’s got next than from these already established artist. That’s all the way keeping it mixtape with ya’ll. This is part of what mixtapes is all about people and we still got two or more projects in this series to go. I’ll catch you on the next installment, I’m bout to go slap somebody all amped up on that Texas sound.