DJ Chuck T – The New South Rides With Me Pt. 2

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Its good to have Mr. Chuck T back up in the review section. I’m diggin the title of this CD too; bold statements being made by a bold (bald) DJ. (jokes) Without risk there is no reward. I don’t remember Chuck T when he was a so called “boxden” DJ as some people have stated but I have seen his rise in the game over the last couple years and during this same time only a few DJs have been able to keep up. With that said lets see who’s riding with Chuck in the New South.

I’m not gonna even front, “Party Like A Rockstar” is catchy. I’m not even really diggin’ what cats are rhyming about but with that beat and that hook; they got a hit. I’d like to hear one of these southern lyricsts get busy over that beat. I got a Grit Boyz CD like a year ago, never got a chance to review it but they’re def some talented cats. “G-Boy Gang” is why you cop mixtapes in the first place…shit is sounding lovely in my new ride too. Attitude is that dude and personally I don’t even need to hear Rich Boy on the feature of “Where Ya From”. The raw energy on this track in undeniable. Gorilla Zoe got shit poppin’ off right now. I really just heard of dude but he got a hit with “Hood Ni99a”. I don’t give a fuck what anyone says, Smitty gotta be the most slept on MC in the south lyrically. “Died In Your Arms” was decent, not his best by far with that cheesy sounding Euro pop effect on the hook. I thought the beat was mad basic and a little generic for “How Ya ‘Posed To Look” but cats got flow going for them and they sounding clear on the MIC. The last cat I wanna highlight is Maxminelli. Now this is an MC who is ready for prime time. “Shut ‘Em” has anthem potential.

The Chuck T haters and detractors are few these days. Chuck did one of the best jobs of showing and proving. Plus he’s one of a handful of mixtape DJs that will actual speak his mind and stand for something. He carved his niche in the game and now the new south rides with him. I can’t say I was fucking with every single track on here but it’s cop-able none the less.