DJ Cinema & DJ Mello – Kiss My Ass

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Coming right back in full force off the classic “Tupac Duets”, DJs Cinema and Mello proceed to tackle Jadakiss on some blend shit. Usually I’m not checking for Jada like that. The whole cough/laugh thing annoys me. With that said, Cinema got my ear with this CD. I think its the beats that hold my attention on the blends but it made me peep some tracks that I blew off in the past from Jada and he is def saying some shit.

True to form they lace the CD with one of the best blends from the start. “History” is a production and a half. Cinema makes Mike Jack sound hard as hell (no pedophile) with that hook. I mean if you’re truly nice at blends you can take parts of four different songs and make a new one that sounds like it’s brand spanking new. What every Cinema is smoking up in the lab he needs to keep smoking it, shit is coming out crazy. While we’re on the subject of smoked out, you gotta peep “On The Run” with Scarface, Akon and Beanie Sigel. This is actually a colobo that could possibly happen for real.. The joint is mello (no pun), laid back and Akon complimented the blend nicely. Still laid back in the cut, “Swangin” is that purple kush theme music and Bun B truly shines like a boss. Enough of the laid back, “The Movement” is my favorite shit. Hell Rell and Jadakiss on a track…..forgetaboutit!

If you D Block you gotta cop this….they need to include collector’s edition to their covers from now on, fuck that. Cinema and Mello stick to their formula sprinkling Jada interviews and clips off DVDs throughout. They ride well with the blends and they always are relevant to the actual song or content in the song. I know we’re not getting a Jada album anytime soon so there is even more reason to cop this project.