DJ Cinema – Masterpiece Theater Mixtape

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The one they call DJ Cinema is back at it again. I remember when the skilled mixtape DJs used to fiend to send us some new shit now they don’t even bother. I have to go download them off mixtape download sites now. I guess Rapmullet doesn’t get the respect it once did. Either way I’m gonna review the project, just like the early days. I guess shit always comes full circle. If it’s true you DJs should be scared cause I’m not the one you wanna piss off.

You can’t title a mixtape Masterpiece Theater and not bring it to the listener’s chest plate like a Chuck Norris round house kick. I def like how Cinema flipped that intro and outro with the classic RnB as the backdrop. That was my shit, I can’t front. Jimbo Jones aside, “Victory” had that energy I look for in a mixtape from the jump off. The anticipation was crazy and then 50’s verse drops and the blend ends up being harder than termite teeth. “Strung Out” got a little Dirty Harry vibe going on…true story, shit reminded me of those classic Rap figure joints. As much as it pains me to say this, Lil Wayne and Lauryn Hill on “Higher” was a good ass collaboration. Probably my favorite mix up on here too. Juelz worked over “Electric Relaxation” too. Classic beats will get you over every time. I like how certain blends tell the story of the movie clips that precedes it. That’s why they call him DJ Cinema and the project is Masterpiece Theater. With “Deep Cover” Cinema captures the vibe of that movie with music and that my friends is how you do it properly. Second favorite blend gotta be “Love Lockdown” using Alyus’ “Follow Me” beat…crazy as cat shit people. That bass line is sharper than ten machetes. I was diggin’ the “Commitment” joint and the intermission that led up to it. Cinema flipped the style a lil bit and gave the mix some balance from the g’d up music. You listen to Andre’ 3000 and forget how many bars that man has. Last but not least, I gotta speak on “You Are Everything”. I’m loving how Cinema chopped that Stylistics track, shit brought out that emotion in Pacs lyrics.

I don’t know about the DVD but if the accompanying CD is this good I gotta imagine the DVD is as good or better. This project right here tho is like a collection of short stories. Cinema gives you that movie clip and plays it out with the blend. Def something for every mixtape fan on this one and another masterpiece for DJ Cinema’s catalog.