DJ Cinema – The Chronic

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DJ Cinema is back at it again people. Don’t fucking make me go in the Rapmullet archive and pull out a past review on ya’ll. I’ll do that shit and then I’ll smack the shit outta you for being disrespectful for not being up on this shit. Besides Dr. Dre’s album, what do you think of when you hear “The Chronic”? OK, yea man it’s that blend music to smoke to, that shit to get you coughing like a fiend and your whole body goes numb…and a lil drool come out ya mouth on your shirt. That’s what The Chronic does…let’s see what some Chronic blends do to you.

“Payday” is cool as a fan. I don’t normally fuck with Jimbo Jones but over “Dre Day” you can’t go wrong. 50 sounds dope over this too..”your wife on the futon hugging a shitzo” Hahahaha, that line gets me every time. “Nothin’ But A G Thang (2007)” is dope too. 2Pac sounds the best on this beat, I don’t give a fuck he was made to spit on this beat. “Brooklyn Bullshit” got an ill vibe. Red Cafe owned this beat…it’s his time to blow up a lil, go cop the Co-Op album people. Not fucking with Pap’s verse used tho…def not his best bars. If you were told about a track featuring Biggie, Jay Z, Dr. Dre and Marvin Gaye you would be like “get the fuck outta here” but that’s some shit DJ Cinema brings to the table. “Casanovas” is just that…mellow ass hook and all…get your pimp stroll on to this shit playas. The Commission Vol. 2 mixtape coming soon. I’m a huge fan of the movie The Mac. Had that shit on dvd as soon as it dropped. I wasn’t too pleased to see Nelly on this joint but the way Cinema flipped the movie clips are classic. One of the illest blends this year so far. Goldie was the man hands down. “Sunglasses” is a fitting tribute to Stack Bundles. I fuck with this blend too. Concept wise Cinema brought all the illest verses together on “Lil Ghetto Girl”. You got 2Pac with bars from “Brendas Got A Baby”, Ludacris with “Runaway Love” and Saigon with “Pain In My Life”. That is how you flip a blend concept.

There are a couple blends I didn’t highlight cause you got to discover those on your own. I wouldn’t say the whole project based on one specific concept. I mean the title is The Chronic and it’s a collection of well executed mini concepts held together by well placed interludes to give you as a whole….The Chronic. It sounds simple but the bottom line is DJ Cinema put in work and it shows.