DJ Cinema – The Stimulus

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If there is anything that needs a stimulus package right now it’s the Blend Game. Shit has been dryer than nun pussy in the dessert sitting on a cactus. I see some “out of business” signs on the cover too. Ain’t that the truth…for stores and DJs. Were the blend DJs at? (two people raise their hands). I blame the record labels tho and their lack of acapella’s now. Still in all if you’re truly creative you will find a way to shine in this barren blend landscape…enter DJ Cinema.
I’m looking at the track list and there’s easily something for everyone on here. The south is covered, the east is covered, the R.I.P MCs are on here too. Don’t expect some hip hop/rnb with this one. Straight trap house blends people. A track list can be deceiving tho, remember that. The fact Cinema flipped a classic beat in the intro with Obama over it had me open. Not for Obama but how he fit the “DJ” aspect into it.

Call me Pepe’ but “Que Linda” was a fly ass blend. I don’t bump Drake like that but I fuck with this blend. The bounce had me open. Paring 2Pac on “Trippin” was the shit. 2Pac sounds good as hell on that beat and with 50 on the hook you got a hit. This is how you create your own exclusives people. “Blow (The Movie)” blend was def “cinematic” (pun) lol Nicki Minaj just sounds like a good fuck, forget about the bars. The “Casio Beat” is the best interlude I’ve heard all year, it speaks volumes to today’s music. It was a perfect set up for “Soulful” with Quincy Jones narrative in-between Jay & Drake. I love that Cinema used a “Fat Boys” beat for “Feel It”. That’s how you separate the blend men from the blend boys. Cinema digs deep for beats and samples for “Fallin’ In Love” and “Is He Rich Like Me?”. The later was my joint too, Jada’s verse owned that beat. I love the set up for “Heart & Soul of New York City”, the NYC vibe interlude. Stack Bundles didn’t leave too many acapella’s behind but it’s always good to hear his voice and Cinema gave him his proper shine along side Big L, Pun and Biggie. This is that blend that makes you feel the music, not just listen to it.

Peep that outro people if you can. That’s how you end a mixtape, stimulus style.