DJ Clinton Sparks & Consequence – The Cons Vol. 4

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It’s been a minute since I heard a Clinton Sparks mixtape. I don’t mess with those Radio joints too tough but I do check out his show on Shade 45 from time to time. He seems to get the best guests of all the mixtape DJs that I heard on that station. As for Consequence, I remember rockin’ with dude when he was doing his thing with ATCQ, never really followed his career like that tho. I might catch a hot 16 with his G.O.O.D brethren every now an then. I’m really diggin’ the cover; caught my attention from the jump.

“Callin’ Me” has mad energy to it and I’m loving the skills at the beginning; simple yet effective. That hook is potent too; Consequence got that laid back flow. “Code Of The Streets” is that mixtape shit. If you don’t know what beat he’s flowing over by the title you should just give up right now. “Shoot Em Up” is ill. The storytelling behind the song is what makes it pop off like it does. Ahh the lost art of the “skit”. Skits on mixtapes are a good look if their down right and add a little substance to a project or in Consequence’s case (baby pops prequel) a nice set up for a new track. “Baby” is produced by Clinton Sparks and he def flipped that “baby” sample on its ear. All I can picture is Rudy from the Cosby show lip synching to that vocal. My old heads will remember that episode. Plus the song got some heart to it, some real life stick ya chest out man up shit. Something that’s def missing in Hip Hop today. “Burn A Bridge” is a hit people; from the cuts in the hook, the slick ass rhyme to the mild jazz vibe in the beat. You also gotta dig the beat for “Young & Reckless”. I’ve heard that Soap Opera theme music sampled before but the rolling snare behind it was tight. I think I like the beat better than the rhyme tho.

The CD got joints on it people and bottom line is Consequence got MIC skills. You can front if you want but Clinton Sparks mixtape formula is one of the best in the game. He’s a genuine cat, keeps it professional and that’s one of the reasons why he is where he is. My ear got a little tired near the end of the CD. Shit was sounding the same to me flow wise, beat wise ect. I’m checking for his album strickly off the strength of this mixtape….no lie.