DJ Clue – Desert Storm Radio 8

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Who wanna test the rocket launcher? Come on man Clue drops a mixtape and cats from all over the net want to review that shit. What about those mixtape DJs who are really in this game, really putting in work to get good music heard, where’s their review at? These so called journalists stay with balls across their nose (nh). The exclusive game been dead, muerte, fin..its a wrap. Cats jump all over this cause of new one new Jay Z track when they really should be trying to peep it for Ransom’s new tracks. Pay homage to the father of this shit man, Tapemasta. Don’t make him come out and school you johnny come lately wanna review a mixtape cause music is slow punk bitches. As a old chinese woman told me once after I ate up her whole buffet…”YOU GO NOW!”

“New JayZ…off that Blueprint 3″…shouts Clue. Yaaawwwn. “Ain’t I” is cool I guess but Jay Z is far from a “hustlers hustler” these days. “Doing My Thang” is the joint. The word play, the punch lines…”I’ll have you screaming like this bitch in the beat”…classic! Ransom got that spandex flow…shit is tight!! 50 Cents flow is improved on “You Aint’ Crazy”…I think he’s focused again…time will tell. Knowing me you would think I wouldn’t be fucking with “I’m A Beast” but that shit if fly. Jadakiss set the booth on fire with this one and that cat Rashad on the hook wasn’t bad either. “I’m Leaving” will have you bendin’ corners in your ride. This is the G Unit that the mixtape fans want to hear. Tracks 10 thru 14 were filler to me, I’m sure cats will dig it tho but it didn’t move me. Clue brought it back with Prodigy on “Real Power”; Free P turned this track to vegetables. “You know its savage time when I drop a classic line / ya’ll niggas past ya prime / neva had a half-a grind.” Ransom made this mixtape to me. “Jokes” is my theme music right now, heavy rewind on this one. If you don’t think Ransom is that next dude then you’re a lame. I can’t help you, go listen to the radio or watch some reality TV.

Its crazy to me that cats can get some of these songs off the net now around the same time as Clue drops. I give him props tho for beating DJs to them tho. In this day and age it’s near impossible to drop a mixtape with tracks that haven’t leaked all over the place yet. This is a solid effort and truth be told the streets and the net are eating it up. I don’t usually cop mixtapes with the word “radio” in them but I had to make an exception for this one.