DJ Clue, Stack Bundles, Riot Squad – Legends Never Die

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I think cats slept on this release. I mean after a bunch of non-affiliated Stack Bundle djs proceeded to flood the market after his passing people think its all the same music…sign of the times I guess. Do the math, what other MC out in NYC had as much potential as Stack Bundles did on maintaining the streets and crossing over to the masses?

“Money taller than six midgets”…..ahh man. The flow on that intro is crazy. “Went from slap boxing to getting my Porsche box on”…it doesn’t stop. No offense to Jimbo Jones but Bundles eat him alive on “Lookin’ At The Game”. “On a tread mill ni99as couldn’t catch my run”….oh shit. Jimbo ain’t coming thru with bars to go against that. On some mixtape shit “It Ain’t Hard To Tell” is the wheel. The word play is impeccable. He got other mixtape flips on here but not like this. Too many punch lines. “Ain’t hard to tell that I mastered the flow”…truth. “Life’s Like A Movie” got replay value right now plus this shit can be played years from now and still pop off. Max B on the hook is always a good look. The only joint I couldnt’ really dig was that Lil Flip shi, “South & North”. I don’t know man, this track was clock radio speaker weak. If you haven’t heard Riot Squad on “Bundles!” you missed the boat.

Dead ass real this isn’t the best Stack Bundles mixtape out but it stills has plenty of pop off appeal to it. The title is real man…Legends Never Die and without question Stack Bundles is a mixtape legend. As a fan of his music you just wanted to see him win; get that deal and put out that debut solo album. It’s good see and know that he does have an album dropping in 2008. That’s something people need to support cause I know his peoples aren’t about to let his legend down.