DJ Clue – The Storm Ultimatum

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I long ago stopped trying to figure out what killed East coast Hip Hop. I’m still a die hard fan, but I find myself listening to more and more of the classics, rather than a lot of the new shit that’s dropping. When it comes to that beloved boom bap, I still fuck with the mixtapes, because that where the innovation is. East coast artists don’t make great albums right now, but they’ll fuck a mixtape up! Can you imagine how destroyed I was when I started to rock the last couple joints from Clue and they just didn’t cut it for the kid? Yes, the days are different and Clue is more than a club/mixtape Dj. He runs a label and has several radio shows, including his club gigs, but with all those dudes he came in the game with from Queens, he can’t get some shit that the youngsters aren’t already rocking in the forums? What happened to finding that new artist and giving him some burn? What happened to the ill intro’s and the street remixes? It’s like dude moved on and dropped mixtapes strictly to give his people some petty cash, because he damn sure wasn’t living up to the formula that he helped establish.

I’m proud to say that Clue has definitely regained his swagger. Having 50 rep him on the intro was hot, but Ransom sounded like the Fabolous of old. Remember when dudes actually did intro’s and the mc was hot, not your cousin who thinks he’s going to be the next big thing? It’s sad to say, but “You Don’t Want It” by the Lox was horrible. The chorus was amateurish and Sheek as usual was the weakest link. Am I the only one who thinks it’s time for Foxy to stop all the Jamaican records and go back to the days when she was just a grimy bitch on wax? “Mr. Dj” is trash. Buju himself could have done the chorus and I still wouldn’t listen to this record again. “Dealer” is some shit. The record has all the elements, but it was also one of the last hits on “The Storm Ultimatum”. Ransom was the stand out and adding him to the street remix of “Duffle Bag Boy” was fucking crazy.

There were a coupe of other mentionable tracks, but the fall off is what kills me. The mixtape had heat, but somehow Clue allowed it to die and that’s what kept me from giving it 3 tapes. This isn’t the Clue that I loved, but it’s “The Storm Ultimatum” is the closest we’ve come to see the “exclusive” pioneer.