DJ Cool Kev – R&B 62 CD 2

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KEV isn’t a new jack to this, so there’s no need to welcome dude. The self proclaimed “R&B MIXTAPE KING” is consistent with his releases and returns to Rapmullet with “KING OF THE HILL 2”. R&B is unlike any other genre that we review. When crafting an “exclusive” release, you can’t play an old record, but if you need to play a radio cut getting decent airplay in order to transition to the next track on an R&B joint, it’s acceptable. Unfortunately KEV doesn’t come close to doing anything like that.

LIL MO’ jumped the situation off with the “HUSTLIN’ FREESTYLE”. It wasn’t that “make your ass pop ma” type track, but it was a fairly decent intro. When you’re in an R&B group that usually means that the solo thing isn’t your lane. Someone needs to tell DARON of 112 that, because “DANCE FOR ME” is generic at best! I understand the vibe that KEV is shooting for on “KING…2”, but if it’s not happening by the 10th track, it’s highly unlikely the CD is going to pick up and….IT DOESN’T! I appreciate the fact that KEV is trying to put new artist on. That’s a positive that can easily be negated if the artist you showcased doesn’t have a hit record. “I HEARD A RUMOR” by USHER must have been on a soundtrack and after listening I know why. That cat makes a video for everything. If he passed on this opportunity, that tells you how much he valued the track.

The records that caught my attention are the tracks that were already ruled “hard body” by the masses. “WHEN YOURE MAD” and “MOTHER OF YOUR CHILD” have already made their mark. GNARLS BARKLEY is “CRAZY” for creating this track, but then again I’ve always loved anything that CEE-LO GREEN sang. LIL MO’S, “DJ’S FREESTYLE” was a nice sentiment, but sprinkled with “wack juice” nonetheless.

In order to be crowned “THE KING” of R&B you have to have to be damn near flawless and I’m going to tell you why “KING…2” is merely average. The transitions weren’t seamless, the release lacked focus and if the material isn’t there, then it’s up to the DJ to create interesting fillers; None of this was accomplished on “KING…2”!