DJ Cosinus – RnB 2 Hip Hop Vol 3

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Begrüßen DJ Cosinus to the Rapmullet review section. Cosinus hails from Germany and he’s bringin some real DJ mixing to the table and yes begrüßen means welcome in German. The title says RnB 2 Hip Hop so I’m expecting to get plenty of today’s Rap and Bullshit. Nothing wrong with that tho but let’s call the music what it really is. RnB today lacks soul and Hip Hop today wants to be RnB. Some “genre” confusion going on with today’s music. Regardless, if it’s mixed I’m fucking with it.

2 Pistols is hosting and keeping the shit moving at the same time. I can’t front “So Good” is kinda dope. Minus Wayne on the remix and it’s even better. Sean Kingston and Mims on a track is like a fat bitch pillow fight, soft and flabby music; not feeling “Girl I Wanna Know” at all. “Swag Up” (*sighs), really? Swag Up? I dare someone to tell me to get my SWAG UP! That shit is played out like top blogs and throw back jersey’s. I’m fuckin’ with Wale on “Chillin”. That shit got nice vibe to it and dude has some witty ass bars too. The mix up to this point is hella proper, Cosinus doing his thing. “Take Ya Home” is lame. Let’s be honest that’s the most blatant attempt at crossing over since Hammer was trying to hurt us. I never heard of Lady Gaga but her music is decent. My daughter had me rewinding “Poker Face” like it was a free bag of candy. Shit was def kid friendly, lol. 2 Pistols got a hit with “Lights Low”, not sure about pt 2 tho. I was fucking with the energy on “Fired Up”. Bloodraw stays with that concrete flow. “So Sharp” is a brick, this is that going in for a lay-up and your knee gives out and the ball goes flying into the stands. Good to see that “Hussle In The House” remix get some mixtape burn too. Jay Rock got bars people and a grind to match…watch out for that cat.

Bottom line Cosinus got a nice ass mix of exactly what he said it was, RnB and Hip Hop. He kept the energy level up and the skills were sharp as ten machetes’. The project is def club/radio/female friendly and that’s cool. I’m probably not bumpin’ it again in the ride but I appreciate the skills shown and the fact DJs are mixing like it’s supposed to be done. I’m def checking out the next Cosinus for the mix…and to make sure he didn’t catch one of those mistakes. Lol, just kidding…naw I’m serious.