DJ Crazy Chris – ApocaMix Now

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Ok everybody, I went out and got a bottle of Reunite, a tab of acid, a tre bag of Sherm, a six pack of Natural Light and I cut up three lines of coke. I’m think I ready to listen to Crazy Chris’ new CD. If I disappear for a few days or they find me in somebody’s back yard pool screaming “gook in the woods” you know it was because of Apocamix Now.

Crazy Chris did his thing on the intro. If your familiar with the movie Apocalypse Now then it makes perfect sense. I was diggin’ the Buffalo Springfield and Jay Z but when the Nas verse dropped and then the shit went into Jefferson Airplane I thought I was gonna lose my mind. Then CC follows up with verses by Talib Kweli that capture the whole “vibe” of the movement; from conscience rap to vietnam protest. Plus the drums on this beat are acid laced, literally. I didn’t like Kool G. Raps verse till the “Vehicle” beat dropped and then Biggie asked “where the party at?”. Honestly I forgot how funky “Green Eyed Lady” really was, shit had me breaking wild. Public Enemy catching wreck over “All Along The Watchtower” was classic.

This CD isn’t for everyone but if your into creativity on a mixtape this is a must cop for the collection. The scenes from the movie are woven into the mix seamlessly and the chopper drop kept the transitions on point. The cuts/scratches were a little loose and to a point unnecessary. What I really like was that Crazy Chris stuck with and perfected his concept. I also realized that even without the mash-ups on here the CD would still be bangin’. Maybe not to your average 18 year old hip hop head but best believe there is a fan base for that music and it’s untapped mixtape wise. Things to think on DJs.