DJ Crazy Chris – Bionic Blends 2

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“Strong enough for man but made for woman”…I love that drop; it’s the mixtape drop of the year people. It’s only one DJ who could pull that off too and it’s Crazy Chris. There’s really only one DJ out there doing exactly what they want to do with every mixtape they release and it’s CC.

Bionic Blends 2 crosses all musical borders. While your hard core hip hop blend fan passes on this project 2 dirty hippies in Vermont, 16 poser wanabe valley kids, 10 Eskimo’s shipping their elders afloat on an iceberg, and countless other people all around the world discover this mixtape and proceed to tell a friend who tells a friend and it spreads like crabs at a nudist retreat. That’s the beauty of the juice weasel aka a DJ Crazy Chris mixtape. I’m not gonna get all Sports Center on you with mixtape highlights, just know that the timing is impeccable, the drops are as well placed as you will find on a mixtape and the music goes from Heart, Missy Eliot, Eddie Brickel, Janet Jackson, Joni Mitchell, Sade, to Beyonce, Cher, Cyndi Lauper, Aaliyah, Gladys Knight and Madonna. Speaking of Madonna, the “Madonna and Child” mini mix is some of the best mixing I’ve heard in a minute. The subtle changes, tones and clips used all while rockin’ the same beat throughout is truly “a master at work”.

I burned a copy of this for my ride and it’s in heavy rotation. My daughter digs it more than I do and that’s a testament to CCs ear for music. You’re talking hip hop, pop, 80’s, country, folk and a lil reggae all in one mixtape. If you appreciate music, you couldn’t ask for anything else. Thanks for doing what you do Crazy Chris, it is appreciated.