DJ Crazy Chris – Diamonds

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Man this is the CC joint I’ve been waiting for. Mom dukes used to run Neil Diamond back in day when I was a lil kid so I know my Neil Diamond people. “I’ll smack you in the mouth, I’m NEIL DIAMOND!” Shit had me rollin’. Todays rappers wish they had Neil Diamond money. Truth be told Neil Diamond is and was a pimp ahead of his time as well as prolific song writer. Plus he has many tracks to sample from and I bet CC got some dope sounds and flipped it on that flashy fly shit. for all you ‘bring NY” back haters fuck your favorite rappers in NY, Neil Diamond is bringing NY back! Hahaha.

You gotta know “America” is one of Neil’s biggest hits and he absolutely turns that track on it’s ear adding those bongo’s and 3-6 Mafia’s “Stay Fly” over it. Talk about catchy, this joint will have you sippin’ that lean while you’re coming to America. “I’m A Believer” will have you dancing like Carlton Banks in the aisle, add Mike Jones in the mix and you will be ballin’ undercover for real. Chong Wizard catches wreck with “forever in blue jeans”. Lil Wayne sounds real comfortable over that guitar loop. CC lost me with Jay Z’s verse from “Can’t Knock The Hustle”. Might as well of just rocked the acapella solo. CC redeems himself though with a clap happy version of “Alls Falls Down” with Kanye. Best blend of the CD to me was “Bling Blaow”. That joint had bounce to it and well it keeps with the whole “Diamonds” theme. My favorite Neil Diamond pimp line is “Girl….you’ll be a woman soon”. Yea right after him and his crew run triz-nain on a bitch.

CC’s projects aren’t for everyone. If you don’t know who Neil Diamond is or ever heard one of his records then this might be a tough listen for you. As a true mixtape blend fiend I can just appreciate the time and skill used to put this together. As well as using “diamond” or “bling” themed acapellas to stick to the title of a project. This is many hours in the lab searching for what works and doesn’t work and then once you have all the components CC still has to put it all together like a big ass Granny puzzle and make it work. That’s not easy and to top it off he let’s cats download the shit for free. No one does that man, that’s a true mixtape head right there. Give it up for him.