DJ Crazy Chris, DJ Sixteen, Chong Wizard & Simon Sez – Phillmatic

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I know some people hit me up wanting to know when I was gonna review this CD. I really wanted to wait till the CD sort of ran its course and then just kind of reflected on it. Overall, when you add in the “buzz factor” that this project had and the promotional impact the music had on the internet especially you can def say this is a classic mixtape in that respect. The build up through the release of the CD was “crazy”. I don’t think anyone can deny that or disagree with it. Look for this CD to float around the internet for many many years to come.

The sun, moon, and stars aligned for this project and then some. If you’ve been fucking with mixtapes for a while then you know “In The Air Tonight” has been freaked many different ways. I was eagerly anticipating how CC would add his flare to the mix. Using “One Mic” was subtle and the way he flipped that tracks beat behind NAS’ verse was unexpected but effective. If you didn’t already know “Tonight, Tonight, Tonight” was the shit. What was that, like five beats CC flipped behind that song? Chong Wizard did his thing on “Another Day In Paradise”. Just that lil piece of the original beat he looped was crack and then of course bringing in the vocals for the hook took you to that next level. The Jimi Kendrix produced, Simon Sez laced blend for “Lifes A Bitch” def captured the vibe of the original. My favorite part of the CD tho, was when “Take Me Home” drops then NAS comes in with “You Owe Me” and before the beat rides out the beat from “Sussudio” drops and NAS spits “I Got It” which fades out into the beat from “Ether” with “Invisible Touch” over it. This section right here is the essence of Philmatic to me; it’s soul if you will. The weak blend of the CD, to me, was “On The Real” blended with “Understanding”. I love that NAS track and it’s got that hard ass theme to it but with the chopped “Understanding” beat behind it I had to fast forward, the shit came off to soft to me and was souring one of my favorite NAS tracks. If I had to pick just one blend and not a whole section of the CD I’m riding with “That’s All” blended into “Street Dreams”. The shit was only 55 seconds long but I was open and you know the repeat button was on that mutha fucka too. The sleeper blend of the CD is “One Love” with “Can’t Hurry Love”. Def the most unique blend of the whole CD keeping with the “love” theme.

Def gotta give props to Greedy Beats who held down the sonic back drop of the project. Having Paychex Game also holding down the hosting spot was classic. He needs to be on more CC projects in that capacity. Shit, there really isn’t that much more to say about the CD. You’ve most likely already heard it, formed your own opinions ect but the main thing is the support. The support from everyone in the community is what impressed the hell out of me. Whether it was online or pressing up your own copies to give out/sell the masses know and that’s to all of you reading this right now. Regardless if he likes it or not CC is bout to be a household name.