DJ Crazy Chris – Poppa Was A Rolling Stone

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Any way you wanna slice it this is the mixtape to have right now. No amount of Lil Wayne or Game or microwave tracks off blogs can compete with this project. If you feel differently then you are truly not a fan of hip hop music. Hip Hop music has always been about taking something that already existed and flippin’ it to make it sound totally different and unique. Yea I said “unique”, something completely lacking in Hip Hop music today.

I give Crazy Chris credit for dropping a “Biggie” themed project now. Biggie as a whole musically has about worn out his welcome on mixtapes but he pulled it off along with the Rolling Stones. Not only that but there is only so many Biggie vocals to use that have been heard numerous times over the last couple years. It was def a challenge. CC didn’t do it alone either. He brought Greedy Beatz, DJ Osk, OJ Loopz and the incomparable Dub Floyd along for the ride. Props to those cats as well for contributing to one of the best projects of the summer.

As far as highlights go, let’s keep this short and sweet, like a gay Bushwick Bill. “Jumpin Jack Flava” is my shit. Three words; straight head nod. I love how they flipped the guitar rift in that beat. You don’t get to hear the vocals from “You’ll See” blended much either so props must be giving on “Fool To See” as well. That shit had a whole new laid back vibe to it. I love energy on “Another Street Fightin Man”. That track gets blended so much but this is how you own a blend. Dub Floyd def came in swinging elbows with “Nigg*as Paint It Black”. Damn if that joint ain’t knocking! Dub Floyd with that golden ear for music people…better recognize. The sleeper blend is easily “Think Big (Angie Reprise)”. I can bump this track on rewind over and over, it’s that good. I can’t bounce without mentioning “Ruby’s Story”. That raw emotion is all in that sample, perfect combo with biggies storytelling.

If I had a gripe with this one, it would be that it took to long to get into the music. I love the dramatic effect set by the inrto and it was well put together but still…3 minutes plus? Ahhh, I’m nit picking. I’m all about balance and this project has it. You don’t get The Rolling Stones shoved down your throat, instead their music is highlighted perfectly and just long enough before Biggie gets his spit on. Biggie on his end with vocals we’ve heard so much from before sounds fresh and that’s probably why the project is getting the love it has. The title is fitting because after just one listen you understand Poppa really was a rolling stone.