DJ Crazy Chris & Selfish Insanity – Wu vs Who

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Somebody light up the piff and start passing that shit around. Crazy Chris got some new shit and you cannot achieve proper listening levels without potent piffery floating in the air. All you had to do was let me know Wu Tang was involved and I was sold. I can’t say I know a whole lot about The Who, I some various joints they did so I will def be able to keep up.

The intro did everything it was supposed to, introducing everyone from Wu Tang and everyone from The Who…now everyone should be somewhat up to speed. “Guitar and Cream” got that head nod appeal, CC on the beat doing his thing. Inspectah Deck fits well on this one; the most slept on lyricist out the whole Clan. The energy is genuine on “Baby Don’t Run”..Greedy Beats capturing the essence of Ghosts vocals. If you don’t know the sample flipped in “Da Mystery Of Pinball Wizardry” then you were either born in the 90s or your parents were Jehovah Witness. A classic Wu Tang song over a classic Who tracks…def what this shit is all about. “Got Your Bucket T” was a little too country sounded for my taste…even with Kelis on the hook. When the hook for “Gravel Pit” hit on “Won’t Get Fooled Behind The Blue Gravel Pit With A Squeeze Box Again” the vibe took a 180 and new life was being breathed into the project. Method Man was born to flow on this beat man. So far the best “sounding” and best “fitting” blend on the mixtape. I couldn’t really get into “Release Yo Delf” but shit bounced back with “Back In The Emminese Front”…classic hook. “Third World Sally” was interesting. I didn’t think GZA would sound good over guitars but he held his own. The same could be said for “Publicity 905”.

This was a huge undertaking for a mixtape. All beats are essentially “original” with The Who samples. 26 of them to be exact. I don’t know many DJs who would go to such lengths but it is appreciated from those of us who love this shit. The level of creativity on here is outer space limits compared to others doing mixtapes. At this point DJ Crazy Chris is on his own level so I don’t even compare him to other mixtape DJs only to his previous work. I like this project however I don’t think all the member of the Wu fit sound wise on these beats. Ghostface by far was shinning his ass off along side The Who sampled bangers. The RZA sounded lost but then again his flow is choppy on some lumber jack shit. The project had its up and downs, I def have my favorite blends ripped and saved to bump later on, but most important the boundaries of mixtape creativity are pushed to new heights. How many DJs can claim that with every mixtape they release?