DJ Crazy Chris – The Jacksons

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I bet you didn’t know Crazy Chris was a Soul Train dancer back in 1984. Yup yup, he used to rock a red jacket with mad zippers, a dirty white t-shirt, grey cargo pants from Chess King and penny loafers with no socks. I heard he even made up a new dance called “man on the run” which later became “the running man”. I bet you didn’t know Chris was also Michael Jackson’s first “special” friend who used to sleep at the Never Land Ranch. True story people, I don’t lie.

Here we go on the “Sssssooooooouuuuuulllllllll train!” Cot damn man, how many beats did he flip behind “I want you back”? Ten! You can’t tell me CC isn’t slept on mixtape wise. Mixing 50 Cent with The Jackson Five is a good fit. No hate on 50, he just has that pop appeal and when you mix it up with the Jackson’s the shit has mass appeal all over it. Peep “Just A Lil Bit” and you know what it’s all about. The commercials were cool at first, especially the “Lets Disco” thing for $7.95. Shows you why Disco actually died. After a while the commercials started to annoy me a little I just wanted to hear the music. “Shake Ya Body Down” was a nice little blend and 50 fits perfect on that shit. My favorite part of the CD was “Hustlers Ambition” into “Maybe Tomorrow” then followed up with “Wanna Get To Know You”. The vibe in this section is crazy on some laid back type shit. The sleeper blends of the CD are “Window Shopper” into “Rockin Robin”. I like how CC chopped that beat up.

That’s right another three tapes people; you can hate it or love it. In a time when blends or just real creative mixtapes are lacking CC fills the void. I’m still waiting on that project that pushes CC to greater heights and more tapes. Best believe its coming and when he blows the fuck up remember when you used to get his music for free. I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it, there are only a few DJs who are really pushing creativity on mixtapes right now and there all right here on, enjoy that shit for what it is and support them all the way.