DJ Critical Hype – The Art of Slaughterhouse Blends

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Truth be told Slaughterhouse got fans people. I see some cats say their buzz is only an “online thing”. Not true. Now while they might not be buzzing like Drake you gotta think of it like this. Joe Budden got fans already. Royce got fans already, Crooked I got fans already and so does Joell Ortiz. Him and Crooked I the reason I even check for Slaughterhouse. So you got all these fans coming together individually to check the group effort. Bottom line tho is if you about your lyrics you checking regardless and if the beats are up to par the album will do well cause the lyrics are a giving.
This project right here is blends tho. DJ Critical Hype continuing on with “The Art of ….Blends” series. You will see numerous names filled in on the ….. part of that title. Let’s just hope they leave Jay Z, Biggie or 2 Pac blends alone tho.

DJ Critical Hype got skills. Quality was a lil shaky on here but let’s be honest Slaughter House accapellas are hard to come buy so dude is forced to take the MCs past bars and blend ’em up. “Gangasta Mega Blend” goes hard. Crooked I got words for days. “You lose a kilo gram of human waste that means you shit a brick”. Royce eats up “Motown 25”. Critical Hype got that blend neck snappin’ and all that. “Banger In My Lap” is one of my favorite Crooked I tracks and Critical Hype did it justice. I still like that original tho. “Poor Folks” with Styles P was instant rewind. I find it ironic hearing Budden on the “Fight Club” blend over Meths “Bring The Pain” beat. “Move On” is that sleeper track, the whole crew shinning on that one.

I like the mixape man, I really do. It’s a bangin’ mixtape. I appreciate the work that was put in too. I just can’ fuck with the audio quality. That shit sounds all tinny to me. Like it was recorded in a tin can and that kills some of the creativity that was shown. Keep ya ears open tho people. Critical Hype is working and I know with some consistency and some better audio it’s gonna pay off.