DJ Culture – Block Movement 3

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Welcome DJ Culture to the Rapmullet review section. It’s Block Movement 3 where DJ Culture wants you to decide if you want to beef or reunite with this Hip Hop music. Me personally I’m all for unity cause what hip hop beef is really should come mixed with broccoli, maybe a side of crab rangoon and an ice-t with a lemon wedge. Hip Hop beef is not real beef. Maybe the real question should be did DJ Culture do a “Beef” mixtape to sell some units or does he really want to “expose” this weak hip hop beef and broccoli?

I know that jumping your CD off with Red Cafe is a good look. “What It B Like” got that universal appeal, don’t matter what part of the country or world you from; you can dig this joint. “We Fly High” remix, Jay Z “Brooklyn High”….those joints were the equivalent of a dyke pillow fight. I didn’t really get into all those “One Blood” regional remix tracks. For some reason that shit doesn’t appeal to me….like cats is trying too hard. “Catch Me” got a smooth vibe to it, Lil Wayne sounded dope on that beat. I’m surprised more DJs aren’t fucking with “Break ‘Em Off”. That shit is classic Paul Wall and if you don’t fuck with Lil Keke on the MIC you must be a Celine Dion fan. Can’t say I’m a fan of Blood Shot. Dude got buried along side of Rick Ross lyrically. “Down South” by Fat Bastard was cool, I can fuck with it. Dude got a nice lil flow to his shit.

Honestly their really wasn’t any beef on the CD track wise besides Jimbo Jones and Jay Z tracks. Maybe that shit was just in the title for the hell of it, I can’t really call it. The transitions were rough like shaving with a butter knife. Culture got a few remixes but truth be told nothing really stood out to me like “damn he flipped that joint”. I mean adding a couple verses on the same beat is aight I guess but I need more. Give me a new beat, make the shit sound brand new. I like the flow of the music tho, you can tell Culture got a decent ear and his track list was proper from beginning to end which kept shit in that “cop-able” range.