DJ Cutt Nice – Looking For Classics Vol. 1

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Shit, nothing like some classic tracks to break up the mixtape monotony that is going on right now. Plus Cutt Nice has toned done the mad cutting and scratching to a level that is enjoyable now. You know what pisses me off? Cat’s not making classics anymore man. Look at the past five years and see if you can name me ten tracks that will forever be remembered in HIPHOP? It’s not that easy man.

What a way to jump off this CD. “Sally Got A One Track Mind” by Diamond D is classic all around; from the lyrics to the beat people. Stunt, Blunts, and Hip Hop people, if you’re not familiar with it you need to go cop it. I used to roc Jeru consistently everyday when his first album dropped. “Static” has those raw Premo dums; classic. “I shall proceed and continue to rock the mic,” You know what it is man. From “Paid In Full” to “My Philosophy” to “The Formula” the CD is cracking out joints. I was pleased that Jay Z’s “In My Lifetime” remix was on here to. Who else remembers Slick Rick’s video for “Hey Young World”? That shit was all a-van-guard and shit; still classic though.

Cutt Nice doing his thing on the transitions too, can’t front. The skills are on point, just enough cutting to satisfy and plenty of beat matching into the next track. One thing DJs will rarely get is a classic rating using classic material on a mixtape. You really gotta do something extra special or literally walk on water to make it pop off like that. Def a CD to add to the whip rotation and like I said it breaks up the monotony that is the same shit over and over again on today’s mixtapes. Download this over at too and pay homage to hip hop.