DJ Daddy Dog – Leaders Of The Old School

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This is that crazy shit right here. Damn, it gets no better. An old school mixtape that’s actually mixed? What a concept. You could tell at certain times Daddy Dog wanted to get busy with the skills, yet he rocked them just long enough to satisfy without being annoying. Peep the track list for christ sake, thats and old schoolers wet dream. I came up off this track list, I know it well, as should many of you. Peep it again and you’ll see a few classic staple old school joints but if you look hard enough you’ll see often forgotten joints as well. From the router to the tooter this is what you call a well thought out CD. “Hear the drummer get wicked”!

The “Top Billin” mix was on point, I’ll give it three dookie rope chains and a pair of fat laces. I hadn’t heard “Funky For You” in a minute. Smooth B used to kill me with his ultra smooth persona while he was rocking the “willie way back”. The “Mona Lisa” mix had me open from jump street. Daddy Dog def got a ear for this shit. “Something for The Radio”…Classic. One of Biz’ best joints. “J Bezz Coming Thru” had me wanting to break out my old routine from sixth grade. No one could fuck with my knee spin move. “Rated XXX” has Kool G Rap on that raw shit. Talk about being ahead of your time. “Saturday” was another joint I haven’t heard in a minute too. Who didn’t get amped up when they heard “RAW”? Slap yourself if you didn’t. Big Daddy Kane was the truth on wax. If you front on Kid n Play I’m coming for you man. They did alot for hip hop and that whole crossover into movies. Stop frontin’! That last EPMD joint is a jewel if there ever was one. Stupid fresh.

I just wanna thank Daddy Dog for making this CD man. No bullshitting. You already know it’s a classic. Too much on this CD to mention, but I’ll try. For one the shit is mixed to perfection, cuts, beatmatched it’s all in here man. No talking, all classics well placed one after the other, and this will get your party, bbq and even you AA meeting poppin like it was new years and you just won the lottery. Think I’m lying? What the fuck are you doing still reading this, go cop it already. Damn!