DJ Daddy Dog – New Edition In The Mix

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I imagine somewhere Daddy Dog is sitting and creating mixtape concepts to do that will top the previous outing. Well, he’s got his work cut out for him after this tape. The concept of a greatest hits of New Edition, isn’t really that original, as greatest hits mixtapes have been around for quite awhile.

But the thing that just hit me over the head on this one, is that it’s not just New Edition. It’s pretty much the entire New Edition World which incorporates ABC, New Edition, Bell Biv Devoe, Bobby Brown’s solo stuff, Ralph Tresvant solo stuff, etc, etc, etc.

See, that’s where this tape is great and succeeds in ways that others might not. You got a greatest hits tape, right? It’s got the hits that the group is known for, and that’s all good like Candy Girl, right? But Daddy Dog didn’t stop there. So we not only get New Edition and all the spinoffs, but we get great guest appearances like Deniece Williams and Whitney Houston and then there are the quick shots of classic tracks by Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock, Cameo, Janet, Jamie Foxx and others.

We all have favorite songs by New Edition growing up. I defy anyone of you reading this to go on the record and say that there wasn’t at least ONE track by these guys that made you go, “Yo, that’s my shit right there!”

My “shit” as it is, was one of their later songs, and one that wasn’t really as popular as their others.

For a lot of people New Edition’s tracks like Candy Girl, Mr. Telephone Man, If It Isn’t Love or Cool It Now were their jams. For others it may have been BBD’s Poison, or ABC’s Iesha or Bobby’s “My Perogative” (before Britney beat it half to death and then raped it’s barely breathing corpse).

For me, that jam was “Something in your Eyes” by BBD. For some reason that song stuck with me, and I just dug it more than anything they had done as a group or separately.

I never got with them when they tried to get back together. I never listened to the New Edition reunion, just like I barely listened to Boyz II Men’s latest release. Quite simply I wanted to remember them the way they were; when they were good. You know the Motownphilly days, the Candy Girl days?

There are some things that should not be done. New Jack Swingers trying to still do it in the 2000’s? No. Teddy Riley trying to recruit new members and still calling it Blackstreet? Hell no. Bryce Wilson releasing a “Groove Theory” album with a new girl after Amel Larrieux left? Well, I can only say to that idea, “OH HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL NO!”

Same with New Edition. I prefer to remember them when they were good. And this mixtape does that so well. This shit just brought a tear to my eye as I heard each track go by. So much so that I had to remind myself that I had to write a review for this. In fact, here it is, a mere couple hours before the deadline, and I’m writing this up as I’m still listening.

People, I can’t strenuously encourage you enough to go cop this. However you cop mixtapes, do it! Preferably supporting Daddy Dog and putting money in his pocket for this gift he’s bestowed upon the world. If you ever liked New Edition, Boyz II Men, Ralph Tresvant, Bobby Brown, Johnny Gill or even ABC (heh heh), you gotta get this. This is pretty much like a one stop shop for your New Edition jones.