DJ Dead Eye – Hustle Hard

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Welcome DJ Dead Eye to the review section. Hustle Hard is the name of the CD and Termanology and ED Rock are hosting. I’m slacking off cause I haven’t cop’d that new Termanology album yet but I def gonna get around to it and so should you. I’m actually familiar with ED Rock who passed my baby moms a CD back in the day up in the club; shit was dope too.

I’m getting this CD a little late in the game so some of the track are not new to me but we still got some highlights. The premier remix of the CD was Trife Da God, Termanology and Papoose on “Hustle Hard” remix. Def some lethal theme music for the streets. ED Rock on “Why You Mad” is def a polished track. The sleeper joint on the CD is that CL Smooth Freestyle. God damn, I don’t know if it was the beat but CL committed a felony on the MIC with this joint. Glad DJs are supporting him again, he def deserves that shine. Oh wow, LL & Santana? I’d rather listen to old people fart and shit on themselves than this track. (shakes head). The Remy Ma and Pharrell remix was cool, can’t stand her flow on this track though, she comes off like a smart ass bitch who needs a black eye.

Dead Eye got skills people. Just what I like to hear on a mix tape; actual mixing, some cutting ect. Another DJ on the come up, check for his joints at Oh yea cop that Termanology album too man, straight hip hop-raw beats and raw rhymes. I hope I get Vol. 2 earlier so shit will be current to the ear track wise, regardless it’s still cop’able material.