DJ Deal$ – I’m On My Mixtape Shit

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It’s about fucking time someone played Doo Wop & Kid Capri’s “Mixtape Shit” on an actual mixtape. What the fuck is wrong with ya’ll east coast DJs man? Feel like smacking the shit outta ya’ll mutha fuckas; props to Deal$ for playing it and playing it first. I’m sure other DJs played this but I have yet to hear it. The funny shit is Deal$ is from the west coast too and he played it with out even second guessing himself. (Shakes head and pisses in the drink of all you east coast djs…drink up…lames).

Not only did Deal$ play “Mixtape Shit” he played “The Format” by AZ; a track that is far away one of the best out right now for east coast music. Bang Bang Cocaine Gang people, Un Pacino just made you other MCs piss in ya draws with “Don’t Act Crazy”. Who besides me smokes “Angel Dust” on the regular? Put ya hands up. Damn I gotta get off that shit. My man Opium Black is on that shit with a smooth ass narrative about getting up in some broad. That “Hard White” freestyle is straight up some blow your own head off music. lol, Yea I stole that line from the track. “Money” is the worst track on the CD. I don’t know what the fuck Nashawn is thinking, fake as down south track copy cat mutha fucka.

Here’s the deal with DJ Deal$. He needs to work out the levels on his shit. Some tracks came in made low and some made high. I’m not saying be an engineer but at least attempt to master your shit and level it off. It’s all pause and play so the tracks gotta be boom bangin’, this time out shit is cop’able but this is a rat race for good music now so Deal$ needs to stay on his crooked teeth grind. DJs if ya’ll don’t already know the internet exclusive is dead. Work at developing those relationships with these MCs and be about good business.