DJ Diggz / DJ EV-Starr / Rated R – Throw ‘Em Under The Bus

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The exclusive game has been lacking something fierce for like 2 months now. DJs trying to drop anything to stay consistent and I mean anything. Just like the music industry is changing the mixtape game is changing. That whole dropping two cds a week shit doesn’t work now. DJs trying to “look” successful but two mixtapes a week isn’t success, its over saturation and its killing anticipation. Cats got so worried about putting out new music they done lapped themselves and put the final nail in the “exclusive” and don’t know what’s good music and what’s new music.

Be thankful for Diggz, Rated R and EV Starr, cats do what the fuck they want to and in turn drop one of the strongest “Hip Hop” CDs of the year…especially on that east coast shit. I got much love for the south but NYC mixtape DJs using the south as a crutch, especially lil wayne. Save that south music for the south DJs and do what they do with ya’ll east coast artist. Learn to create and stay in your own lane…too much down south tea baggin’ going on.(no RIAA)

I’ve said it before people, Big Twin got the illest voice to touch a MIC, “The Message” was short but it got me anticipating Twin’s new shit. Speaking of new Twin music, peep his verse on “To The Top” remix; shit is fluid and the Alchemist went in on his verse too. The best song out besides the “Hip Hop Remix” is “Let Your Self Go Pt. 2”. I couldn’t stop listening to this joint. Phonte went in on this beat which is easily Alchemist’s best joint out right now. Speaking of the “Hip Hop Remix”…best track out on mixtapes right now…and here I am thinking I’m the only one left wearing Carhart and Timbs. lol I’m going to pick up that Joell Ortiz album this week too. NORE sounds like the NORE of old with “Shame On You”…adversitity def brings out the best in cats. Shit wouldn’t be proper without a Ransom joint. “The Hunger” is just that plus it’s classic mixtape music. If you’re not up on WTK…Willie The Kid you’re missing out. “The Bad Guy” is lyrically a slap a snot bubble out ya nose type shit. I was anxious to hear his big bro La The Darkman on “Notortious L.A.D” but this was the only track that didn’t live up to my expectations. The sleeper joint is St. Laz and Snyplife on “Gangsta Shit”.

Their isn’t anything else left to be said expect that this is “THE” mixtape to have in your CD player right now…especially if you’re on that east coast shit. Go look at all the other eastcoast mixtape DJs tracklists right now and see what they all have in common: there all Lil Wayne nut jockey’s. Cats is pitiful, time to throw them under the bus for real!