DJ Diggz, DJ Lust & Evil Empire – Purple Krushed Kush Pt. 2

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It’s been a minute on a new mixtape review right? I ask myself once a day…are mixtapes even relevant anymore? Reviews…not so much. I mean you can Google any mixtape and find a link and decide if you fuck with it or not. Why do you need to know what I think?

Mixtapes are still relevant tho, even more so on the street. Given that they shut Canal St. down this week in NYC maybe that’s false. (laughs) But off the net cats are still fiendin for CDs but the online shit has made those digital manila folders disposable. You got one faction scooping up CDs and the other faction with full ass recycle bins. I can’t call it but the game as a whole is close to the edge…and cats are pushin’.

Regardless, it’s a new Diggz and Lust mixtape. No disrespect to the other cats on the CD. I know ER gets it in mixtape wise but to me this is a Diggz and Lust mixtape. Being that’s the case you know Ransom is heavy on here. Some D-Block, some Gucci too. It’s that block music, that shit that makes you feel like a boss when you’re probably a lame like me. That soundtrack to your life music…real or imagined.

“Money Make It Rain” is dope. “Pacman” too, but I got tied of the beat real quick. I fuck with that “Think Big” joint by Beans as well. Those my kind of bars. Jay ain’t gonna acknowledge dude but still. My shit is “The Last Hope”. Ran and Styles P, it gets no realer. That track is raw emotion. “Trapin Ain’t Dead” is cool as pool in the winter. I like “Block Stars”, can’t front, it’s a solid ass track. KaySlay still relevant after 40. Rick Ross shinning on that joint. I see Ron Paul getting it in on here with “Mr. Fresh”. Track is catchy, with an ill bounce. You know the rewind track tho. Its Un Pacino on the “A-Train” freestyle. We’ll end on that note.

Even tho this is some pause tape shit, it still has timing to it. It still has a vibe and of course Lust on the MIC is a proper host. It’s not rocket science but in this day and age of play track, play drop, repeat…it still means something.