DJ Diggz & DJ Rated R – BK Madness

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Man I’m telling you, the mixtape business is all over the place this year. There have been months this year were ain’t shit out but “radio” mixtapes and Lil Wayne. No blends, no real eastcoast shit, some sub-par down south music at times and just a bunch of DJs pushing whatever is considered new and current at the time their latest mixtape cover is done. It def has something to do with the quality of the music too. I’m not putting all the blame on the DJs, it’s def a hip hop music thing all across the board. Regardless, it’s always good to see a new Diggz release tho and if the rare jewels are on point it will even be that much better of a listen.

Quick rant: “This is all old shit”, “I heard most of these tracks already”, and “wack”….these are the insightful blog comments on mixtapes these days. Wow…the internet didn’t fuck up hip hop music, it just made it soft like a pillow by all these lames commenting on music they know nothing about. No bullshit, I’m back to reading magazines for the simple fact I don’t have to see some losers opinion spelled wrong of course and/or the word “first”. OK, rant over.

Lets keep this short and to the point. “BK Madness” by St. Laz and Mr Reck is an anthem; bottom line. Thing is cats need to follow it up with another one real soon or all the buzz and comotion will be wasted. The pressures on cause that quality follow up track is 20 times harder to make but if done properly will continue to build the buzz to even greater heights. The Half a Mil joints on here are a classic Diggz and Rated R move. “Recongnize” is a lesson in spitin’ acid on a track. I miss dude for real…he was wayyyyyyy ahead of his time. Speaking of lyrics to decipher, “Smokin Gunz” with Hell Razah and Killah Priest will take you a minute to figure out but its worth it. The one cat you gotta keep your ear on is Push Montana. He did his thing on “Push Comes To Shove” along side of Maino.

The mixtape is just like the title says…”BK Madness”; no more no less. Its raw hip hop with no fillers.