DJ Diggz, DJ Rated R & DJ Blazita – Potent Product 8

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Fuck what you heard one or more of these DJs above are taking home a Justo Award. They all have too much Potent Product out in the streets to be denied. I’m just glad Diggz wasn’t nominated for Best R&B; mixtape DJ…hahaha. Before you listen to this, go to your local weed spot and get you a lil something to burn for the next 80 minutes or so and rejoice in the fact there are DJs who don’t give a fuck what tracks “leaked on the net”. For those of you that don’t see it, that mixtape lane Diggz and Rated R created for themselves is getting bigger and bigger with every release!

“Young Vet” recycle’s part of a beat I remember hearing off an old Mobb Deep DVD, def Alchemist on that shit. I’m fucking with Prodigy on this one, shame he’s about to do years when his music is getting better. I’ve been bumping a ton of G Unit on the low, riding around with the mad face on. “I’m Leaving” is for those who leave their own dents in the pavment. Banks, Yayo and 50 trading verses is literally music to us early G Unit fans ears; Banks owned this track tho. “I’m Bout That” was cool and Banks had me open with shit like “you’re blood ‘ll flow faster than the old Jay-Z”…classic. The Alchemist sounds sinister with that joint “Livin The Life”. This joint will have you mac’d up and 4 fifth’d down for real. It’s always good to hear a new Scram Jones beat too. “Gun With A Body” if nothing else is keeping the streets fed and full. Jadakiss slides thru to give you a couple quality mixtape flips with “Stillmatic 08” and “D Block Boys”. Sheek played his part flipping “D Block Hustlers”…still fuck with that Jay Z beat. If there is one album this year that you must cop it’s that new Ali Vegas. He’s an underdog right now in the mainstream but for the underground heads he’s poised to be a MIC savoir. “War” is just a little sample off what to expect. The Boy Bucka slaps the shit outta “Champaigne”. This a nice mellow joint beat wise but the bars is all savage street shit. I don’t know if Willie The Kid is dropping something soon but him and La The Darkman get busy on “Kevin Garnett”. This that make the block hot music for the masses. Don’t ever sleep on Blaq Poet either. This is a cat who is dangerous on the MIC…”S.O.S” got Primo on the beat too. Big Noyd and Termanology on a track? I guess so, “Kilo Rap” is the shit. Noyd said ..”I be moving more bass than a Primo track”. Termanology laid this track to rest with a crazy energy too.

Not really much else I can say about this Potent Product mixtape. I mean, it’s good music plain and simple. It’s not joints that leaked all over the net. It’s not some Lil Wayne concept flipped over and over just trying to move units..its just GOOD music. I’m lucky enough to have every volume of this series right now and I go back and listen to them often. That’s why this mixtape series is the future of the “exclusive” mixtape genre.