DJ Diggz & DJ Rated R – Potent Product 11

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The only “exclusive” mixtape series that matters. Well, at least for some east coast shit it is and the south joint ain’t what they used to be either. I like how Rated R addressed the atrocity that was them not winning best underground mixtape DJs…”this shit speaks for itself”. Yes it does homie and the Potent Product series stays crisp like an all white Lexus.

“From Now Til Then” grew on me. I didn’t like it when it hit the net but the full song got me open, I can’t stop rewinding this shit. I might say the same about “Used What I’ve Learned” but that beat is doing the line up justice. S.A.S is a great look regardless tho as a feature. MCs need to cross that pond and get some money. Ransom goes in smacking babies at their christening with “Let’s Go”. I hoped ya’ll cop’d his album. Cats tried to tell me Lloyd Banks flow was wack on “Money”. Get the fuck outta here…just cause he added some bounce to his shit, respect the versatility already. That Showtime joint “My Wife Is My Gun” is hot like fire. Sid Roams laid that beat to rest. One question…why is “Blow The Whistle” on here. That shit is no where near potent product. I got that new Clap Cognac mixtape, haven’t listened yet but him and Remo slid thru and left some dents in the concrete with “Bronx Shit”. Call me a Dipset hater if you want but those cats haven’t had consistent potent product since 2006. Max B “Live My Life”…ehhh, “Hel Rell “Hustlers”….double ehhhh. I don’t know what it is but people ZZzzz on Ru Spits but he stays with some ratchet blowing music. “I’m Leaving” is no different. Another MC that doesn’t get his due MIC respect is Nino Bless. “Da Livest” was cool, not his best shit but I’m still bumping it. As far as the unknowns are at the end of this project….Flame went in on “Real Power” and shout to Lee Kid bringing up the rear. (pause) He’s a Rapmullet “On the Come Up” alumni.

I’m an old mixtape head and the Potent Product joints are the only mixtapes that come close to those classic days of cop’n Clue tapes in 2008. It’s not close to getting a new Ron G or a Doo Wop tape but I’ll give you Clue. What else you want me to say? If you’re not bumping this and you’re an eastcoast over-doser like myself then you’re bumping bullshit…bottom line.