DJ Diggz & DJ Rated R – Potent Product 12

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Cats are a dozen deep in this mutha fucka. That means it’s Potent Product 12 people. What the fuck you want me to say that I haven’t said already? If you do not listen to Diggz and Rated R on the Potent Product mixtapes then you’re a douche bag. What do cats listen to when there on the block getting coup money in couple days? A Potent Product mixtape.

“I’m in a class with a few / like a sped-ed kid eating glue.” Banks is a funny cat…bars for days on “Top 5”. It wouldn’t be Potent Product without Ransom. “Getting Worse” got mad jewles throughout, Ransom is like a lyrical life coach for the corner boys pitching that “D”. Did he say “I’m athletic / I can flip in a drought”, on “Motivation? Oh shit. So I have to give Wayne credit for his verse on “Don’t Touch Me”, the shit was proper…I can’t front. I actual like “Hole In a Ni99a”. Murda did his thing and so did French Montana…that cat got some shit. Unpacino stay with the mono tone flow, but that’s his style. Not only that he came off on “Street Bosses”…some classic mixtape flip music. H. Brando sound like he gonna snatch you up through the speaker too. Ar-Ab got that ill voice and the word play to match on “Philly Wildstyle”. I always look for new Mazaradi Fox. “G Unit Til I Die” is that slow flow but I still fuck with it. Remo doing what he do on “Fame”. Always a message in there whether you want it or not. Kochece shinning on “In Da Hood”. The bars are sharper than ever, I can dig it. On the wackness side of things, Lil Eto need to put the MIC down already, damn was that a flow or a tourret fit.

You know whats funny is it would take like four or five Whiteowl mixtapes to equal one Potent Product mixtape. The cover says it all and the music on the mixtape will be making the block hot all month. I don’t know what you’re about to do but I’m tearing this dutch, rolling up and starting shit from the top…tippy.