DJ Diggz & DJ Rated R – Potent Product 14

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I like Pineapple. Shit is a really really good fruit. I say that in the most heterosexual way possible. I like Haze. Shit is a really really good high. I say that in the most non-burn-out way possible. Where was I? Oh yea…mixtape. My bad, it’s that potent product. *(insert sound of taking a really big drag off a blunt)…*(insert cough)…*(insert cough).

Ahhhh, Diggz and Rated R are letting the skills breath a lil something. I gotta respect that. Would have been mad easy to keep playing and pausing considering the brand is established but what it really shows is they actually give a fuck about their craft and that deserves respect. The highlights are many but we’ll continue to keep it Bushwick Bill and ice cream. “NY’s Back” is the anthem. Large Amounts owned this one I don’t give a fuck. As much as Max B annoys me sometimes I can’t front on “BBQ Music”…shit is def wavy, (never thought I’d say that). Herb McGruff still got it on “Bloodline”; the word play is crazy. “Vince Chase” by St. Laz is that classic do dirt music leaving dents in the concrete. I think it’s safe to say Lloyd Banks can still rhyme, as evident on “Finally” and “Put It Back”. Haven’t heard too much from Jae Millz but the Ron Browz produced “Murderer” is def potent product material. The hardest track up on here is “D Block Crack House”. I think Bully robbed a cat while he rhymed and Snyp Life was blowing an “O” in the Range. I didn’t even need to hear Big Noyd on “T.O.N.Y” to know what it was about; straight venom. Alchemist laced “Die” for Prodigy. That shit is so simple yet so effective. As far as the cats go at the end…Sleezo Bang and French Montana shine the most with “Living In The Past”.

Shit is just a well-polished mixtape people. The mixing, the skills balanced with the music and it’s a wrap. Ultimately, the music reigns and the music is dope on here, simple as that. I think I’ve said it before but as of right now, in 2008, Diggz and Rated R are giving you the closest feeling to what it was like to cop a Clue tape back in the day. And that’s not an easy thing to do while Hip Hop’s in the microwave.