DJ Diggz & DJ Rated R – Potent Product 3

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This is an im-potent mixtape series. Hahaha, bad joke but seriously how else can you flip the word potent? I’m not even gonna front, Diggz and Rated R make those mixtape that make you want to commit road rage. You know what I’m talking about. That shit when a dude cuts you off on purpose but there ain’t even anyone behind you in the lane and you want to run dude off the road and pull his spine out through his mouth. Shit, I’d settle for a quick jab to a dudes throat or nose. Just to see them gasp for air or watch there eyes water up and nose bleed. Diggz and Rated R on that Road Rage music.

I know some cats shit on A-Mafia but honestly to me he picked up where CNN left off at in the mid 90’s. The flow on “Before I Met Camron” is basic…but that’s his style. He throws in some fly shit and just lyrically hits the block with cain. Someone said Havoc stepped up and is the lyrical one out of the MOBB and truth be told he BEEN stepped up a couple years ago. “Get Off My Dick” got that hunger to it…cop the Kush album and support dude regardless. The ass cheecks and loose pussy lips track of the CD was “Don’t Wanna Talk” by 50 Cent. He needs to leave that “southern” twang/flow shit alone. This hook was so bad that Tone Loc is on the remix. If you ain’t fucking with “Watch Ya Mouth” you’re not hip hop….the WU! Masta Killa eat that beat alive too. The other track you need to have on steady rewind is Stack Bundles on “King Of The Soft”….”money taller than six midgets…” I love that shit. That Byrd Gang shit is growing on me man. “I Love My Bitches” is smooth cause Max B is on his game…simple as that. Saigon on that 9th Wonder joint is my shit. The word play is top notch…like nothing out right now and he gets a message out to the people too. I couldn’t really fuck with the unknowns at the end but one cat that went in, to me at least, was “Fred Money” over the beat for “Criminology”.

Diggz and Rated R doing what they do…don’t be mad at it. Like I said above it’s that Road Rage music…go snatch someone out there car and slap ’em up while this bumps in the background. Besides that the formula is concrete on here. I’m not fucking with every single track but the good far out weighs the bad and that right there far out weighs all the bullshit pause tapes these other DJs try to drop every week. The most im-potent thing tho is to keep this series going…the game needs it.