DJ Diggz & DJ Rated R – Potent Product 5

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Man, where the fuck have these cats been at? I can’t live without my potent product. The exclusive joints are so wack these days its like taking ya moms to the prom and then you pee your pants in the middle of the dance floor. That’s how wack the exclusive game is. Bout time for these two to come back with that “fuck it” mixtape attitude and just flat out play some good music.

I didn’t know A-Mafia was locked up, maintain my dude. Cats front on his MIC skills but he stays feeding the block with them music. The question I have is what the fuck is Yung Joc doing on “Throw Ya Sets Up” with WTK and Jadakiss? Jada goes in with “the old school levi jacket” and WTK beats the shit out of the beat with that “bars like xylephones” and Yung Joc come thru with the “I’m posted on the block with my dick in hand”….Huh? Dude got out classed like a 60 year old broad at the under 21 club. That joint “Feel Good” is my shit. Banks need to drop a new mixtape, feed the streets man. I’m still fucking with “Holiday” too. Truth be told it’s one of Styles best songs to date. There is nothing like listening to Stack Bundles flow over “It Ain’t Hard To Tell”. Hit rewind on that shit man and go pick up any new Riot Squad joint that drops. It wouldn’t be potent product without Un Pacino and Hardwhite. “War” is cool, Sid Roams on the beat, this is your beat the block theme music right here…nothing more, nothing less. The sleeper track out right now and maybe the sleeper album is J.R Writer on “The Animal”. Straight bars, no bullshit…raw rhyming. “I”ll have the fiends dancing on the ave”. St. Laz and Agallah flipped “Gonna Get Ya”. I was diggin’ the story telling, plus Laz been on his verbal game as of late. “When I’m around these ni99as shake like whores when the pussy is runny”…you know Ransom had to get some shine too. Of all the unknown cats at the end, Billz caught some bars the most…the rest need to marinate some more in the lab.

Right now this is about the only mixtape on some exclusive shit that I can fuck with. DJs catch a track here or there but these two DJs got that formula down. I’m still gonna say it; new music doesn’t always mean good music and good music that’s even a lil old still rocks heavy like a fat drunk chic at the bar looking for some late night diz-nick. These other DJs approaching her with free drinks while Diggz and Rated R hit her with that potent product.