DJ Diggz & DJ Rated R – Potent Product 9

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Seriously, is there any other exclusive mixtape worth even cop’n besides Potent Product? If you say yes…get the fuck outta here you lame. Go pick up a “radio” mixtape with the other corn ball mixtape fans who don’t know any better. It’s getting to the point were all the South exclusive joints are sounding the same…that mixtape plague that hit NY mixtapes is slowly creeping down south…beware DJs. More than anything else with this series I love the fact Diggz and Rated R are being ultra consistent with it and even more so the music is good…no filler in this project it’s all Potent Product.

I’ve never been a huge Peedi Peedi fan but he went in on “64 Bars”; the word play was type good. I don’t know about you but Prodigy’s music as of late has been boom bangin’. “Never Seen Before” and “Girls, Girls, Girls” were both quality mixtape music. Did you hear the Dream Team tags in that “Girls, Girls, Girls” beat? I think the beat could have been better for “Good Look Back” but Un Pacino regardless always is saying some hot shit. The Alchemist shot the shoes off the beat for “Gettin’ Money”. Juelz sounds focused on this one too. I hope Max B gets a proper situation popin’….rockin’ with Jimbo Jones wasn’t the place to be. “Blow Me A Dub” is an anthem. Laz and Pottersfield lace “Feel The Love”…this beat has soul people. The real sleeper track on here is that God Father pt 3 and Big Twin “Hood Laws”. If it’s one song that will have you crawling thru the hood looking for trouble this is it. How come everyone is try to rhyme over “Broken Language” now? Cassidy did it justice, I can front. I like the beat for “Criminal Minded ’08” but I wouldn’t have re-done that track…should of just made a new joint and called it a day. KRS talking about he “cop’d another Jag”…weird. I hear the Diggz influence with cats using “True Confessions”…still think cats need to increase the bpms on that instrumental. Sheik Sinan was shinning above the other cats on here. The two tracks that really stand out at the end here are Lil E with “Court Is Ajourned” and Nique with that “Thug Music” freestyle.

I’m gonna call it right now. I predict Diggz and Rated R will have a classic Potent Product by the end of the year. Music is a lil slow right now so if they can pull together some bangin’ shit now when the music picks up everything should come together.