DJ Diggz & DJ Rated R – Potent Product Pt. 2

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We used to smoke weed with this cat from time to time who’s nickname was Buffalo. He was one of those cats that like to molest the blunt all the time, shit was all moist like he was tongue kissing the White Owl or some shit. He was also that dude who had to smoke the blunt all the way down to the end and nine times outta ten would end up enhaling the lit roach and choking on it like a damn fool. I’m sure we all know cats like that. Not only that, Buffalo could be caught in the zone after like 5-6 blunts actually drooling on himself like the Water Buffalo he truly was. What does that have to do with this mixtape? Nothing, except for the fact Buffalo couldn’t handle that Potent Product.

I’m still on that balance shit tho man. I can go from listening to the new Jon Hope mixtape to Diggz and Rated R for that classic ignorant music. I love ignorant music cause it balances out the good. See you gotta have the good and the bad, the ying and the yang. Hahahaha. The first joint I had on steady rewind was “Kill That”. I think Max B is growing on me (NH). This joint sounds lovely in the ride and he followed up with “Why You Do That” for me to get my smoke on to. A-Mafia does what he does over “Can I Get A Witness”. Cats still sleeping on dude. Peep Illah Ghee along side Prodigy on “Walk With a Shotgun”….he went in on the beat; hook needed work tho. The next heavy rewind joint gotta be Stack Bundles on “I Got Cake”…classic lines on here man…classic. I’m telling ya’ll, listen to these cats rhyme and then listen to Laz go in on his freestyle and tell me dude doesn’t personify intensity on the MIC. Those Uncle Murda freestyles were potent too. That 50 Cent, Banks and Yayo joint over classic Killarmy is some hot shit. I could bump this all day, 50 bringing it back to essence of this mixtape shit. One mixtape full of music like this and 50 will get all his core fan base back like Power of the Dollar just dropped; Banks murked this beat like a fucking champ too. Always good to hear Snyp Life on a Diggz/Rated R mixtape, same for Ransom…cats hiting the mixtape tracks hard. I don’t give a fuck, call me a hater times two…Peedi Crack is wack as fuck. “Nice” is a big pile of used tampons.

I’ll catch ya’ll on the next re-rup!