DJ Diggz & DJ Rated R – Potent Product

Is it possible for mixtape djs to go hollywood? It is, although I don’t see Diggz doing that anytime soon cause the music selection on here is pretty much the same formula with a couple of exceptions. I would call out the Lil Wayne section on here but fuck it Diggz plays what he likes and he obviously likes that shit (although wack) so it is what it is but honestly those joints had no place on this CD…just gotta call it like I see it.

“NWA 2K7” is a wack ass title for a song but the song itself is crazy. Maino, Uncle Murder, Cassidy went in on this shit like fat doods on some free fast food. (aliteration people you gotta love it) What the fuck is “From The Ghetto” doing on here? This song is soft as hell. I thought this was a Diggz/Rated R mixtape instead we’re getting “exclusive” filler from the net. If I wanted to hear this song I would have listened to DJ (insert any DJ who drops a mixtape every week on canal). I want that hot boiled crack poured in my ears not fluff-a-nutter with a glass of apple juice! Sheek with “2 Turntables & A Mic” was a good come back. At least Sheek holding down D-Block on that street shit. Max B over that “Luchini” joint was straight…can’t go wrong with a classic beat tho. If you ain’t fucking with “Fresh” then you’re a lame. Ru Spits, SAS, Remo and Stack Bundles (RIP)…come on man, this track is NYC with a dash of the UK…classic. “Family” was a cool track, I thought with all that talent on there it could have been better…def sounded like it deserved the last slot on Fabs new album. Beanie Sigel came wack on “Philly Clubbin”, shit was fluff. As for Philly MCs on this CD it was all Cassidy. I like what Mazaradi Fox is bringing to the table these days, he got Ru Spits on that “Freestyle” too. Ignorant music personified and it sounds good as hell too! Nature is still slept on after all these years man. “The Sermon” got bars in it, props to Diggz for giving Nature that proper shine. I’ll admit Canibus can rhyme but his diction on the MIC is boring and I def wasn’t impressed with “Liquid Words”. “See though your feces with telekinesis”??? Naw man.

I’d say this mixtape had some “potent” moments but as a whole the product was just “cool”. Rated R o’ding on the talking a lil too, one to many shout outs for my taste. I always say the “exclusive” joints ride with the music out at the time and early with joints like “From The Ghetto” and Styles BET joint” Make Me Better” was soft like pillow…not what cats are used to from a Diggz/Rated R joint in my opinion. I still give cats props for finding those rare jewels like Nature and even Showtime who is hella slept in his own right. It’s officially about to be summer after this week so I know cats like Diggz will be diggin’ a little deeper for that good music that will be leaving outlines in the concrete.