DJ Diggz / Evil Empire / A-Mafia – Harlem to Hollywood

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I been waiting on this CD drop. Shit…..A-Mafia been on so many mixtapes the past couple months he is a mixtape. A mutha fucking walking mixtape, grinding like four thirsty lesbians coochy bangin’ off some E. Diggz and Evil Empire…hmmmmm, interesting collaboration. Cats are forming like Voltron now (makes transformer sound) to solidify a strong hold in the mixtape game. You know who A-Mafia reminds me of? Nore when he was serving fiends in the War Report days but with a tighter flow.

“Harlem To Hollywood Pt. 1” is some shit. It actually took me by surprise, flipping some classic soul while A-Mafia “flips O’s like an acrobat”. Now Part 2 of Harlem To Hollywood is just like the title of the track says, “The Arrival”. GM Productions on the beat, A-Mafia doing what he do best…..beat up on a beat while making that corner boy music. Speaking of GM Productions, the shake they put into “Harlem Globetrotter” is crazy. It got that old school appeal along with a thump to fuck ya head up. I’m diggin’ this hook to. If you haven’t heard the track even more reason to cop the CD. The other shit you should of heard before is “Young Fresh and Thuggin”. I’m not from Harlem but I’ve been out there many times and this song is the epitome of the vibe I get from Harlem. On that true mixtape freestyle type shit “Don’t Get Carried Away” and “The Product” pop off the hardest. Peep the flow on both these joints and you’ll see why A-Mafia got a future as a Harlem don on the MIC. I’m still impressed with “The Come Up” with St. Laz and Serge Deff on the beat. That shit is dramatic as hell, like gladiators about to enter the arena type shit. The sleeper joint that just happens to be a classic track is “40th Boys”, produced by Scram Jones. You can hear the progression in A-Mafia’s flow/delivery from then till now.

I know you heard a few of these joints already but the shit makes like a best of A-Mafia from 2006. Plus with the new joints it pushes it over the top. For all you cats that thought thug music was dead you ain’t heard A-Mafia obviously. Picture this shit. You’re rolling in the brand new ’06 coke white Cadillac Escalde with some ridiculous rims. You pull up to the block, system on blast. Now what are you bumping? Jay Z’s “Show Em What You Got” looking like a marshmallow or this CD right here on track number 8 looking like you just slapped the shit outta someone?