DJ Diggz – Marxmen

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“It’s Gutta Music!” That one drop represents so much and yet is so simple. Diggz is back with some blend shit mixed in with some new joints. Whether DJs want to admit it or not the blend is an important part of the game. With the lack of “east coast”/ gunit exclusives you have to get creative. Diggz recognizes this but the normal formula of “I’ll take some so called classics or old ass freestyles” and mix them with the new shit isn’t cutting it anymore. You need to take that classic, get the acapella and make it sound better than when you first heard the original.

The first couple Diggz Blend to get my attention were “Toss Up Hustlers”. Young Buck was a beast on the beat and “True Confessions Pt. 2”. 50 fits perfect on this joint and the fact Diggz rocks the orginal hook along with Tragedy’s verse is the shit. I really truly like “Where U At” but Freeway on the hook is just bad. Same holds true for the Big Twin and Prodigy exclusive. Big Twin has one of the most unique styles but that hook was just tired (yawns). “Killas Theme” with Yayo and Banks added into the mix is classic. I always loved Cormega’s line “my mack milli/ sweeter than a mango son/ you know the drilli.” Mike Knox got skills people, don’t zzzzz on this cat DJs. Get ya neck braces out for “The Problem” blend with 50 and Styles P. I know this colabo would never happen but they do sound good side by side and Beans on the hook. Snyplife was a nice addition and truth be told if you remixed Snyp with some of today’s so called “MCs” he would eat most of em alive. Same with St. Laz on “Bang Bang”, one of his best verses and Freeway got a run for his money. The Prodigy and Nyce Nas Dis was laughable. Nobody gives a fuck about this cat Nyce and Prodigy been lost in the game. This was the lyrical equivalent of Prodigy drawing a fake mustache on a Nas picture.

This is what separates the men from the boys, a bagin’ mixtape from an average one. Creativity comes in many forms people; it could just be an ill concept, it could be crazy ass cutting on some party break type shit, it could be blends and blends and more blends or it could be just some “true” exclusive music. If you peeped Diggz CDs since when he first appeared on you can see the progress, the increase in creativity, the ill concepts and just a tight all around product every time he drops. If you were to look in the Mixtape Dictionary under “Consistently Puts Out Bangin’ CDs” you would see a picture of Diggz and a crazy ass catalogue of CDs.