DJ Diggz – Solidified

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I think it’s safe to say Diggz has “Solidifed” a spot in the mixtape game. I mean he does blends every now and then and best of type joints but on that “exclusive” shit he doesn’t play what I like to call “the bullshit”. It’s like if he got a choice between an exclusive that looks good on a track list but is just so so or a joint that may not look as good on paper but is a just a fire joint he’s playing that fire joint. Now it’s getting to the point where he will “make” his own exclusive or remix to fill in spots and make his CDs pop off that much better.

A Mafia is going strong right now. On that street shit no MC is really fucking with him, not even .40 Cal with is new CD, fuck that I gotta call it like it is. Hell Rell getting a run for his money with A Mafia. If you Rapmullet everyday then you heard “Gutta Muzic” on the IPod and you now hearing “The Format” remix right now. That’s my joint and Snyp is on it too, one of the hardest tracks out right now. I didn’t like “Nightmarez”, that beat isn’t up to par with Dre and 50 on the hook got me laughing. You know who’s coming up? Bynoe with Riot Squad. “Get It Poppin” is cool, not diggin’ the hook but he just send in that mixtape he did with Pudgee P so look for that review soon. “Make U Look Good” with Raekwon is extra fly shit, that dood singing on the hook needs to get slapped though. Ahhh St. Laz on the 1-2 thing over “True Confessions” is a good look. Man what is it with Joe Buden? I hear him on a track and he’s rhyming his ass off crazy as cat shit and the next thing he sounding lovely and bouncy on some next shit. (shakes head).

This is typical Diggz music people. I don’t know what you expected. Me, I was a little let down by the J Hood joints and I’m not big on them Byrd Gang cats but the shit was cool. I’m glad Diggz doesn’t drop every week man, shit is a quick way to get played out and whether people want to beleive it or not; besides the “exclusive” tracks, a CD is only as good as the “come up” MCs that truly hold shit down. Right now your “top dog” exclusive DJs are lacking in that department while Diggz is building a strong foundation.