DJ Dirty Harry – Warlordz

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I don’t care what anyone says…when Dirty Harry drops a mixtape you listen. He’s the E.F Hutton of mixtapes. You can listen to the mixtape three times back to back to back and that fourth time you will hear some shit that you didn’t hear before…that’s called taking the time to truly perfect your craft. I’ve listened to Dirty Harry’s first mixtape and I’ve listened to this mixtape and the one constant between the two is the creativity. The creativity has always been there from day one, he was doing things without the technology of today over 10 years ago that cats still can’t do with that new technology right now…that’s the mark of a legend.

I’ve had this project for a minute, even before it dropped and subsequently “leaked” on the internet. (DJs watch these people at the dup spots). I let it run its course so to speak. I’ve seen comments on message boards, blogs, and even Dat Piff. (laughs) The “art” of a DH project was def lost on some people and that’s to be expected. Everything is “new, new, new”…the curse of the exclusive is what we’ll call it. To be honest tho, the young “average” mixtape consumer these days is dumb as a bag of rocks. A true product of a overcrowded mixtape environment. I have people that email me from time to time about what mixtapes I think they should cop or what I’m listening to. This one young cat, when I said I was rockin’ the new DH, said that he listened to it and it was OK, the collaborations were “nice” but he wouldn’t give it much burn. I then told him that the “nice” collaborations were actually all put together and mixed by Dirty Harry. “These are not tracks he downloaded off the internet”, I said. His reply was “are you serious?…that’s crazy!” Suffice it to say dude went back and listened again and found himself what I like to call a “rare jewel”. Now he’s emailing me about the DH back catalog…and all it took was a lil schooling.

I’m not giving you mad highlights off this mixtape; its DH for christ sake so you know what to expect. Couple things I’ll comment on tho. I know some cats were disappointed to hear a lot of “southern” type blends. I was mildly annoyed with that as well, but I “get it” and I still was rockin’ to them regardless. That Intro alone was worth having to listen to Lil Wayne and lets face it, if I have to listen to Lil Wayne I’d prefer to listen to some DH Lil Wayne. If you cop the mixtape for one “blend” let it be for “All We Got Left”. That blend alone is a production in and of itself to rival any song out right now. “Cocaine Make Me Better” is that shit, did you peep the subtle Scarface in the background? Classic DH. That last “Rap Figures” was my shit tho, fuck that…made me want to go choke somebody out.

If it’s one thing I would like to see Harry bring to the table more is the R&B.; Listening to the early DH joints you def got more of the R&B; sprinkled in and considering R&B; is really shinning right now I think that would be a better listen as well has fill the void left by the overall lack of quality R&B; blends in the game today. This overall project lacked that DH cohesiveness, shit was a lil spotty concept wise with the movie clips and with a title like Warlordz it left a lot to the imagination. Thing is tho, I take what I can get and right now ANY DH mixtape is a welcome addition to the game. Can’t wait to hear the next one.