DJ Dolo – Troop Movements 2

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Welcome DJ Dolo to the Rapmullet review section. Two turntables (sometimes 3) and a tape deck. That’s how mixtapes used to be created. You fucked up the mix you either kept it moving or you started over. Even when the four track came into play and the A-Dat recorder, you still had to have skills to pay the proverbial mixtape bills. This is that throwback to that era…two turntables, rockin’ live and recording that shit.

“It’s time to separate the rookies from vets, pussies from threats, truth from lies…”. It gets no realer than Cormega on “Built For This”. I love how Dolo took his time mixing that record in and then cutting that record up before Mega’s bars drop. That’s really how its SUPPOSED to be when you’re listening to a mixtape. Always a trip to hear a young in the game La The Darkman on “As The World Turns”. If you don’t have La’s first album you’re a douche bag, seriously. Dolo goes in with the doubles on Al-Tariq’s “Think Not”. He freaked that shit too. I had “Electric Relaxation” on rewind. Sun is shinning and this song just rode with the weather today. Not only that the energy of “? Remains” got me open too. “Wack crews lick my balls”. (Pause) Listen to “Wu Tang Ain’t Nothing To Fuck Wit” again. That shit sound so gritty its ridiculous. If that joint isn’t a classic anthem then I guess I don’t know what an anthem is. Def can’t forget to mention Nine with “Wutchu Want”. I love that flow right there man, he wasn’t the best MC but he was better than a lot of MCs that are on right now.

This is that middle finger mixtape. Dolo sticking his middle finger up to all the sheep ass mixtape DJs out there following each other…bahhhhh. He’s playing what he feels, new or old, mixing and doing what the fuck he want’s. Def gotta respect that…troop movements continue.