DJ Dolo – Troop Movements 4

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Hallelujah! A project has been submitted that is actually mixed. All praises be to DJ Dolo. He’s like that lil kid in school who shunned Cabbage Patch kids when everyone had one and instead made his own doll with double kung fu grip, flame throwers and a grenade launcher. Incoming!!!! That’s Troop Movements 4 people. A grenade launched into fort Pause Tape. Yea he didn’t kill them all and the pause tape troops are still strong but he was able to kill a few and keep mixtape hope alive. (*raises fist.)

You get no track breakdown on this one. No need. Just know you got a scratch intro, classics, blends and new joints from the likes of Raekwon, Common, Nas, MOP, Termanology, Pharoah Monch, Pacewon, OC and Jay-Z. All tracks are mixed, there’s bring backs, there’s cuts and it sounds oh so good. If you’re a true school mixtape head this a “jiz in your pants” project. That two turntables feel with an energy that you won’t find in todays mixtape market. You hear how DJ Dolo hears the music. That’s how I like my mixtapes. The Troop Movements keep on moving.