DJ Dona – Kenyafornia

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Welcome DJ Dona to the Rapmullet review section. For those that don’t know DJ Dona been DJing for a minute, he currently resides in Kansas City and he’s got a new mixtape out. As you can tell by the title and cover it’s def a west coast thing but it’s also a Kenya thing too; shinning the light on the senseless violence that plagues Kenya these days. Who said mixtape DJs don’t have a conscience? It’s not all about the $$ people sometimes it’s a greater calling and finding a way to incorporate that into mixtapes is a beautiful thing.

On the west coast side of things, Ice Cube’s “Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It” got my head nodding. This joint just sounds crisp as hell to me for some reason. “Raw as a dirty needle” is how Cube usually keeps it. The shit that made me really start to pay attention was Damizza on “I Ain’t playing”. This cat has some sharp bars man, I can front. I think the hook aside “Party On” has potential too. Mista F.A.B is a beast regardless on the MIC. The “One Step” remix has that bendin’ corners appeal to it, nice little bounce, laid back and shit; Crooked I laid his verse to rest like the vet he is. Too Short dropped more than a couple jewels on “This My One” with E-40. On the Kenya side of things, I’m not even gonna front like I know what cats are really rhyming about, but good music is good music regardless. “Simama” was smooth, mellow reggae type groove to it and you can tell theirs a message in the music. “Kenya Shillingi Bill” by K-Nel was kind of fly. They freaked an old Jermaine Dupri sample on the hook and dude def had a presence on the MIC. I don’t know what he was rhyming about but it def had something to do with getting money. “Tunajirusha” was cool too; kind of a smoothed out reggae vocal mix on the hook and then cats get busy with the words on the verse. The only joint I wasn’t really vibin’ with was the last joint “I Got That”. The hook was like a cliche’ of chiche’d hip hop hooks…”money to the ceiling / you know I got that / bitches and hoes you know I got that”…come on man. S-Black can rhyme tho but that hook gots to go.

First and foremost hit up DJ Dona at This project right here is def cop’able. Me personally tho, I would have mixed the Kenya MCs in with the west coast joints. I think it would have let more cats get heard overall than just having the CD broken up into two sections. I know how cats do in the US and if they see something on the track list that looks suspect they won’t even give it a chance and most Americans would stop this joint on track 16. Regardless of the set up the mix was cool as fan, transitions were mostly faded in and out and it kept shit moving type smooth. I’m def gonna be checking for future projects from Dona.