DJ Drama & Blood Raw – Indictment Papers

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Is it Thanksgiving yet? I know Mr Thanksgiving is gonna come with a feast of mixtape right before the day actual goes down; it’s only right. CTE is back up in the realest review section on the planet. I’m glad dude beat his case like that with how fucked up the justice system is today. If it’s one thing this CD right here will do is get you amped up for whatever, whenever. I love when a mixtape comes with it’s own personality. You pop that shit in your CD player and it can change your whole mood and take you to a whole different place.

Raw emotion. That’s what sums up this whole CD and especially “American Dream”. A few people told me they weren’t really diggin’ how dude sounds but when you put blood, sweat and tears into your music it can’t be denied. People are bound to feel your music and your movement; CTE got the movement too. “Dope Boi” is mos def a hustlers anthem. The organ playing in that beat provides the perfect back drop for when you bout to go cop that re-up. The two tracks that make up the core of this CD are “Fuck Em All” and “Ridin High” both with Slick Pulla. These two MCs balance each other out on a track something fierce……”and we eating”! I love that hook on “Fuck Em All” and the fack Blood Raw just proceeds to tell cats to fuck off in the middle of the song. “Ridin High” should have you breezing on the highway while Slick Pulla paints a vivid picture with that first verse; “a fresh A hat / cocked to the side / pinking ring on glow / slow mo while I ride / SS Monte Carlo / shoes Lowenhart / red and black paint / call it Dale Ernhardt.” The sleeper track of the CD is most def “It Feels Good”; just a laid back track to sip ya drink too.

This CD is flying under the radar of the masses. I mean Blood Raw isn’t gonna shoot ya shoes off lyrically but he has the ability to make you feel what he was feeling when he spit the verse. A lot of MCs can’t do that at all. I don’t care how good you are with the word play and methaphors, it the people don’t feel what you’re saying they aren’t gonna cop ya shit. I’m glad to hear Drama focused again too. He seemed like he was getting angry on his CDs but on this joint he sounds like he’s back in his lane that he created for himself. I’d like to see CTE drop this new Jeezy album in December, then follow it up with a USDA album and then solo’s from Blood Raw and Slick Pulla. Gotta give the people what they want.